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Friday, March 12, 2010

Tiffin time

When we passed one of the branches of the famous Minerva Coffee Shop, we had to step in. Pesarattu, Chole Bhature and filter coffee downed, needless to say that made an early supper for us.

To the two guys who got captured in the frame by default, sorry!


? said...

A branch near Sec'd had this lovely vegetable cheese dosa more than a decade ago; with the explosion in 'fuison cuisine'-Indian Style, not many match that taste!

Siri said...

I love Minerva Coffee shop.. used to an regular adda for us to hang out! In less than a week, hopefully you will find me eating the same pesarattu there ;)


Raaga said...

This is the one in Ameerpet, right?

Nandita Iyer said...

This is the one in Himayatnagar Raaga -

Siri - I'm sure you are waiting to lay your hands on that pesarattu

Raaga said...

Sorry, I meant HimayathNagar... but by the time I typed, my mind had started counting the number of Minervas I had eaten at... and it had come to rest at the third place: Ameerpet :)

I visited the Ameerpet and HN branches after I wrote my review. :) Not that it changed anything at all!