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Saturday, March 6, 2010


We've been having a gala time with our friend from Bombay and we went searching for an ice cream early in the evening. This place called Oranges N Lemons had caught my attention for its bright and spacious interiors on one of my drives and we took off in search of this.
Sadly they didn't have much of a variety on ice creams, but the long juices and shakes menu, with interesting bye-lines more than made up for that. The three of us made ample fun of their descriptions and laughed hard. The had most of the board games stacked up for people who wanted to play, wi-fi for the facebook addicts :) - not having too much time on hand, we played a game of Snakes and Ladders - and we laughed so much, we had forgotten how much fun this game was, especially when your opponents come down long snakes :)
Over-all the evening was great fun!
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d said...

i am totally loving your hyd chronicles. been stuck here in blore (most people i know would think that was a good thing, and i do see the good in it, but the nomad in me itches to move like i did when my dad had a transferable job) and hence living the move and the joy of discovery thru your blog now!

baked cauli and spinach pasta look and sound amazing and are defy going to be on my menu this week.

yellow tree in picture is not amaltas - its the yellow tabaebuia. also called tacoma. amaltas has bunches of yellow flowers hanging off - its the same flower that the mallu's use for vishu. (i have a book)

Sharanya said...

Fun! i haven't played snakes and ladders in eons

Nandita Iyer said...

d - thank you so much for that clarification - I have seen the pink / purple tabaebuia - so could not recognise this, which was at quite a height.
do let me know how you like the pasta / cauli - looks like I'll have a chance to discover Bangalore soon :)

Sharanya - we were playing after AGES - and felt like a kid all over again

d said...

wow - comin to blore to taste my version of your caauli and pasta? or really coming? either way sounds good!

Sig said...

I played snakes and ladders last year with my friends kid, and realized I have no patience for playing with kids :) He kept trying to cheat and I wouldn't let him, bad me..