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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mavalli Tiffin Rooms

After having heard so much about this legendary eatery, I finally got a chance to taste their food. Luckily for me, they have opened a branch in a nearby mall, so we did not have to travel too much.

We tried their idli-sambar, rava dosa, masala dosa, chow-chow baath, baadam milk and coffee between the four of us (Atri included) - and every single thing tasted absolutely wonderful. Their sambar was to die for - no trace of sweetener like how we find it in most cities.


d said...


d said...

really? monika and i were there too! we are neighbours and we bumped into each other there! imagine if we had bumped in to you too! when were you there?

Nandita Iyer said...

d - which one were you in? We were at the Forum value mall branch in Whitefield - we were there on Sunday as well as Tuesday :) Which Monika are you talking about?

d said...

ya ya same one - at forum - i recognised it by your pictures. monika of monika's world. blogger. she's my neighbour. we were in the park in the evening, talking about MTR and dosa's, we live fairly close to forum value mall and we both talked of going there. and then we bumped into each other there that very night!!!
would have been lovely to bump into you too!

Inji said...

food at MTR is to die for.. I didn't know they opened a new branch. That's very convenient. Do you mean that Sambhar is sweetened in other cities now?