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Friday, March 5, 2010

A nice weekend

Enjoying the Friday with a nice cup of mid morning lemongrass tea
I don't find lemongrass or chai patti in Hyderabad as easily as I'd find them in Bombay, so managed to find some bulbs in Ruci & Idoni - kept them in a jar of water for a few days and planted them - now a couple of snips & they brighten up my mornings with their fresh flavour :)

Bought a set of three orange plastic strainers from Hypercity - love their cheery colours :)

This is turning out to be a fun weekend as we have a friend who engages us with great conversations staying over with us :)


pelicano said...

Sounds like a stimulating/relaxing weekend. Besides tea-making, do you use the lemongrass for making Thai dishes as well?

Sig said...

You are growing lemongrass at home? I didn't even know that it was available in India!

Nandita Iyer said...

I haven't ventured much into Thai cooking Pel - have some of the sauces on hand - want to try out some vegetarian Thai dishes

Sig - In bombay these leaves are called Chai-patti, taste enhancers for masala chai - the Gujaratis and Maharashtrians use it along with ginger and/or elaichi - i love it for the freshness, almost like a wake up call in the morning, when I can smell this in my tea. I looked around several nurseries here, as it is not freely available with the veggie vendors, finally decided to grow my own - it's very simple - when u buy lemon grass - select ones where the bulbs have tiny roots sticking to their bottom, not the ones cut off - use the leaves leaving an inch or two above the bulb, soak in a glass jar for 4-5 days until you see fresh roots sprouting out - then plant it in soil - even a window sill should do for this...clip and use when required :)