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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Anything goes

I remember that a few years ago, a law was passed in Mumbai that all license plates should have uniform fonts and they be in English, not that too many followed the rule. But here in Hyd, everyday I am amazed by the funny (illegal) license plates I spot in front of our car. The commonest rule breaker being - replacing the AP with TG - initially I even tried to figure if that was an abbreviation for any other Indian state I couldn't remember - after a while realised it was the yet-to-be-formed state Telangana and no traffic cop dare stop such a car with illegal license plates!

Yesterday was another crazy license plate spotting - writing 8055 as BOSS, while it is creative, i'd rather people left their creativity to do better jobs that trying stunts with official stuff like car license plates!


DEESHA said...

thatz absolutely crazy, he must have spent a fortune to get that special No. done

Aaarti said...

cool number plate!! :D

sra said...

I've see this here too, it's pretty common then :) TG - really?!

Sig said...

Here in the US, you can get any number you want, if you pay extra for it. Those are called vanity plates, apt name :)

Nandita Iyer said...

Doesn't really cost a fortune here - pay some extra for a special number, that's it.

Sra - it was the first such sighting for me :_

Sig - I have seen those plates in US, remember Kramer's ASSMAN license plate in one episode of Seinfeld :)