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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday morning coffee

In absence of decoction, Bru instant comes closest to the taste of filter kaapi

This is how I make my coffee
~Keep fresh milk to boil
~In a cup take 1 tsp Bru instant coffee powder
~Add 1 tsp sugar / 1 table of Sugarfree Natura to the cup
~Once milk boils, pour into the cup over coffee and sugar in a thin stream
~Stir lightly to mix and drink while it's hot


Elisa, Croatia said...

bru coffee is that the brand?

COffee looks inviting!

NC said...

Bru is a brand like Nescafe - the taste comes close to South Indian filter coffee :)

Mona said...

Beautiful mugs!

Sig said...

Lovely colors!

Raaga said...

I can't drink instant coffee with full milk :) I always add water :)

Nandita Iyer said...

The milk we get Jersey Toned has enough water to start with I guess :)

Thanks Sig & Mona

Aparna said...

Well, our mornings start with coffee for him and tea for me! :)

Your coffee mugs are pretty.

Nandita Iyer said...

Aparna - weekday mornings - it's tea and some of the weekends/ holidays its filter kaapi or Bru as per the degree of laziness :)

Raaga said...

Aparna: Our mornings start with tea for him and coffee for me... and Nan... its never reversed, weekday, weekend or otherwise... :)

And hey, Jersey pal used to be nalla pal... when I was there!