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Monday, February 22, 2010

Brightening up our mornings

We are both morning people
Waking up early, shower and ready to take on the day...
Whoever is first to shower, lights the lamp and some incense sticks on the altar

I wonder if we feel so good about it as we've always seen our grandparents / parents do it as we were kids, and following the family traditions makes us feel good in some way

One last stick remaining from this fabulous fragrance we bought at Auroshikha, Besant Nagar, Chennai. This has been brightening our mornings, filling it with positive vibrations and making us look forward to a great day ahead. These sticks have natural resins from Tulsi (Holy Basil), Tangerine and Orange, and I loved the packaging too!


Sig said...

That is beautiful packaging. We both are just the opposite, it is all about who is going to get up and make that pot of coffee :)

Elisa, Croatia said...

" A sweet, spicy,fresh fragrance." Sounds uplifting!

? said...

We follow the same routine and never hesitate to request family for frgrance packs...each one reminding me of memories and fragrances of good times..for one fleeting moment in the mad rush..

Siri said...

I always wished - I was a morning person! My fiancee, S wakes up at 5 in the morning, unlike me.
I love the color and bet the fragrance is lovely!


Aparna said...

Much as I love the atmoshere incense creates, I have a tendency to allergies to the smoke from most of these except the totally natural ones with mild aromas. :(

Nandita Iyer said...

Sig - these are premium incense sticks, targetted at the international market hence the pretty packaging I suppose :)

Elisa - yes, those words made us pick this in the first place :)

? - that was nicely put :)

Thanks Siri- we aren't the 5 am types and like to sleep in when my son allows - but generally a morning person

Aparna - it's the same with me - can't stand the artificial strong smells - so we get huge stocks from Pondicherry to last us until our next visit

Jaya Wagle said...

Both morning person hun? We are opposites which works in my favor cause he wakes up and makes chai for the two of us. Love the incense packaging. Haven't lit mine in months.

Raaga said...

All the time that I lived in Pondicherry, the auroshikha store was visited by me only to buy "gifts" for aunties who invited me home for a meal :)

I used the agarbatti stand you sent me for about a week, but we never can get into a routine...and I agree with Sig... it is usually about who will make breakfast and coffee :) and there is no altar in our house in any case. :(