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Friday, February 5, 2010

Ruci & Idoni

Atri and me went to check out this new supermarket in the locality - called Ruci & Idoni (don't ask me what that means or what language it is) - superbly laid out, smartly dressed courteous attendants, parking attendants plus all imported food items along with the regular Indian veggies, groceries and snacks make it a great shopping place for a foodie. It also has a fromagerie, bakery and a cold cuts section. What it didn't have was any interesting stuff in the baking ingredients section, only ready Betty Crocker boxes, not even choco-chips.

After a while Atri was ready to jump out of the trolley - there's only so much shopping a boy can endure :) even if it's with his favourite person!


Elisa, Croatia said...

Beli (soon will be 22 months) is the same, she will only stay seated for a few moments. No chocolate chips? I miss them too here (croatia) no where to be found! I read somewhere you can substitute with M & Ms.

Nandita Iyer said...

Atri has just completed 14 months and already he is constantly moving - which means I must keep moving too :) If the shape doesn't matter, regular cadbury's dairy milk that we get here, roughly chopped is what I'd use instead of chips ;)