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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sea of tomatoes

Rythu bazaar - farmers' market
Mehdipattnam - Hyderabad
11 AM
Sun on our heads
Tomatoes, tomatoes everywhere
3 kilos for Rs.10

More pics from the market here


Elisa, Croatia said...

Oh WOW! nice array of color! green, red, orange...You seem to capture it just right Nandita.

Random Thoughts said...

omg!! that is one huge mountain!! lovely pic

? said...

Loved this place..earlier the vendors were scattered among the buses and busy traffic to and fro from the city; one could catch bright spot sof flower sellers and vegetable sellers..

Nandita Iyer said...

Elisa, noticed now that you mention it, they are in a range of colours - I bought mostly green ones so they can ripen in a while and not all together.

More than a mountain it was a stretch of tomatoes like a river :)

? - they have a shed like place now, and even outside this market area, there were all vendors on the road, the way you mention, fruits and flowers mostly and a huge bus stand there, so lots of buses and crowds getting in and out of the buses.
glad you liked it.

Sig said...

WOW! Never seen so many tomatoes in one place before! There is so much orange and red on your homepage now with this post and the next. Looks so pretty :)

Mona said...

Ah, I miss the Rythu Bazaar. I still remember the one in Mehdipatnam. Nice click!
Here we have farmers markets, but they are often too far and too costly to afford. Local food market is not well worked out at all according to me.

sra said...

Another nice one. Love the smile on the lady's face.

Preeti Sharma said...

Nandita, your picture is beautiful...but I cannot move beyond the fact that 3 kgs of tomatoes is Rs. 10!!!