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Friday, February 12, 2010

Mahashivaratri & the Saras Exhibition


Though we did a couple of other fun things yesterday like visiting a regional products exhibition and eating super-oily take-away food - this seemed to be my favourite picture of the day - the red Geraniums contrasting the beautiful black of the Nataraja.
My favourite stall from the Saras exhibition was one called the Guntur-Coop run by the rural women in Guntur where they prepare Andhra style pickles, snacks and other food products in a very hygienic way and packaged beautifully too. Take a look at their pickles below - the Gongura is for S, while the other two are my favourites.

They are doing some great work and I really wanted to showcase their quality products here, hence the second photo of the day :) Will amend their address and details shortly. If you are visiting Guntur, their food products are surely worth picking up!

My shopping bag from the exhibition had stuff from different corners of India and this is what I love about such exhibitions-
Plantain chips fried in coconut oil
Jackfruit chips
Clay tava
Clay pot with lid
Three pickles
One bag of Chekkalu
Bedside lamp with hand-painted lampshade
Madhya Pradesh
Lemon drops
Dried mango chooran
Imli chooran
Handwoven woolen jacket for Atri


sra said...

Nice packaging for a co-op - they usually look so bad and nondescript. And your header's beautiful - what are they? Earthen pots?

Nandita Iyer said...

The header pic is also from yesterday's exhibition. A Gujarat stall selling earthen ware pots - no prizes for guessing that I couldn't resist buying a couple - one tava for making rotis / parathas (Rs.30!!!) and one pot with a lid for cooking just about anything, including biryani if I seal the lid with dough (Rs.100)

Nandita Iyer said...

The co-op's product packaging was truly of international quality, I told them that and they were thrilled. The pickles tasted absolutely fresh, I'm saying that even though Im not a big fan of pickles!

? said...

Loved the new header picture; the pots are lovely!
Now if I could just get a couple of them!!

Nandita Iyer said...

You're sure to find them when you come visiting to India and they aren't too heavy to carry back :)

Sig said...

Nice packaging, but I've never seen pickles in plastic bags... Are those resealable or do you have to transfer it to a bottle after opening?

Nandita Iyer said...

The plastic is food grade and after opening, I'll transfer them to a glass bottle - until then they are sitting in the fridge - BTW lot of Indian brands like Mother's Recipe sell pickles in refill packs.