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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gandhi Shilp Bazaar

The fountains at the entry

The Exhibition and sale of handicrafts and artistic textiles was organised in the lovely green lawns of the Botanical Gardens in Hyderabad. The stalls were not as many as those seen in some other exhibitions, but it was clearly a case of quality over quantity. The fabrics from various states had around a stall each. My yearning for white Lucknow kurtas to wear in the hot months of the year was fulfilled by this really good Lucknow stall run by husband and wife. I also managed to pick a piece of Banarasi material to stitch a blouse.
The Bandhani (my current love) stall from Gujarat was also one of my favourites - i went looking just like that and the sweet spoken Gujarati lady managed to convince me to buy a saree (!!)
The single Khurja pottery stall spread out on the grass had some lovely designs of mugs, plates, serving plates etc. in vibrant colours.
In short, this was one of the best exhibitions I have attended in recent times - lovely natural green setting, limited stalls, quality products. It's there for another couple of days or so, so do not miss it.

More pictures of the products and stalls here

Gandhi Shilp Bazaar
S.K.V.B.R Botanical Garden
Chirec School Road,
Kothaguda 'X' Road, 

Entry: Free
Parking: Rs.10


Nandini Vishwanath said...

Oh, been to Numaish? :)

or the annual Shilparamam exhibition - you HAVE to go!

Jaya Wagle said...

I miss visiting exhibitions like that out here. :(