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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sari stacks

Visited the Numaish - 2010 with my neighbour aunty, and boy, what an experience - even for a Bombay girl it was an overwhelming experience - 3 hours of walking and we hardly covered a fraction of the 2500 stalls - and the crowds - what do I say - this happens only in India.

This picture was from a stall of the Bengal cottons - what weaves and what colours - absolutely brilliant - if I did not have two dozen sarees dying to be used in my wardrobe, i'd have gone ahead and bought some. On second thoughts, I might go back on a weekday and buy a couple - especially one off white and gold, and a traditional Bengali red!

Adding two more pics for Indian saree lovers...

(click on the pics for a larger version)

This exhibition is on for some more days in Hyderabad, so if you are here, then do make it a point to visit this.

An article in The Hindu about this exhibition.


Raaga said...

I miss Numaish!

sra said...

Great shot!

Nandita said...

absolutely loved these colours

Mona said...

I miss Numaish too, a haven for shoppers with very good deals on v interesting stuff. I also remem the way we had to bargain.. :-) Nostalgic!