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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Block-printing neighbour

It feels wonderful to see freshly block printed fabrics in a different colour every morning hanging in the neighbouring backyard - what lovely shades of red and pink!

*Pic taken from my phone as I feel kinda odd poking my camera's zoom into the neighbour's house :P


Sig said...

LOL, good idea! I also like the picture in your banner. :)

sra said...

Ah, isn't Hyderabad block-printing heaven? Those were all I used to wear in my teens and early 20s, then the fabric got thinner and thinner. Lovely pic in the banner too.

Nandita Iyer said...

Sig - Pic in banner is one of the streets in the Hyderabad that is still not influenced by mall-culture - this street was full of kite-shops....

Sra - thanks! It is indeed block printing heaven - kalamkari is my favourite!

Siri said...

Nandita, where exactly is this 'street with kite-shops'.. I am from am really curious to know!..

..there was a in-house block-printing business near my grandmom's place and when I was a kid, I even tried my hand on it..!

Nandita Iyer said...

Siri - it is in a galli enroute to the zoo - guess it was around sankranti time, so the shops were all bursting with kites and manjas - it's even called patang galli i guess!

The neighbour also has an inhouse block printing business, one of the first in hyderabad as I am given to believe -

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