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Monday, April 19, 2010


During college days, I was absolutely in love with this tie and dye fabric from Gujarat. The soft cotton fabric with vibrant colours and delicate designs was just so good! Then having worn too many of them I lost interest.
The suburb where my parents live being a Gujarati stronghold, there are quite a few shops that sell these salwar-kurta-dupatta sets and this is one colour combination I fell in love with - purple and green...
It's going to be perfect to bear the summer heat...provided I get it stitched soon!


sra said...

stitch soon - ha ha, i've stuff from two years ago waiting to be stitched.

this photo and combination looks lovely

Mona said...

I love these, I even brought a few to Toronto along with me. Just beautuful. Likewise I also adore Lucknowi chikan work a lot, especially along with kamdani!